Thursday, 19 January 2012

Back again

Instead of making the long drive down south to spend time with mum on her birthday (sorry mum!) we went back to Sneachda to make use of the good weather. Those who know me will be aware of my feelings about the club environment.....and my tendancy to not practice what I preach. None the less, this day was a chance to introduce a couple of folk to winter climbing and a 'first day of the season' trip for others.

A sign of things to come?
The weather was promising and itching to get the axes back into action I began steering towards Mess of Pottage before James kindly reminded me of the experience of our company, and damn pleased he did. We hopped on to Fiacaill Ridge and the various teams took the difficulties as they saw fit.

The day reminded me of how a days 'winter climbing' doesn't have to necessarily have to be about battling with your head into the wind towards a technical route and struggling all day. In fact, when treated to such beautiful weather and views it's a rare opportunity to be able to leisurely bimble and talk with friends without the fear of a cold, dark walk to the car.

Pictures paint a thousand words as they say...

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