Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Highlights from the summer

Since moving to Perth in September 2011 I have been fortunate to quickly make friends with the people at the Dundee Rucksack Club. Nik 'the crazy russian', Steve 'solo' Barrass, to name but a few have made the last few months truly memorable. This little trip down memory lane should tell the story:

Captain Disorder
Sept '11 - Dunkeld

Shortly after joining the club we went to Dunkeld for a little trad climbing. Cuticle Crack (S), a very wet Holly Tree Groove (VD) and a solo ascent of Bollard Buttress (D) by none other, were amongst the treats of the day. 

Also on show was Thomas's superior rope management skills.

The scene of the crime

Sept '11 - Aonach Eagach

The first weekend trip for the club and one that will remain in my memory for a long time. Beautiful weather, good conditions and a competent group were no match for the 'bad luck cloud' that follows me around. Ascending on of the many rocky steps, Dan decided he wanted to get down off the hill. By the quickest route. Ever since I have carried a first aid kit.....and a rabbits foot.

Oct '11 -  Nighttime Sendage

A little shack located beside a bizarrely balanced lump of Scottish rock in the middle of the Lake District fells provided a prime opportunity to practice some night photography. Subjects were not hard to come by either! In a flash, wafer thin mattresses from the hut were being stacked below the sweetest looking problem the dim torchlight would reveal. Much is still to be learned on taking action shots at night (something that has shown no improvement to date).  After the evenings attempts, I awoke from my lean-to bivi and sent the boulder in moments, via the stairs.

Nov '11 - The night out & Fingers Ridge

Me - Ali - Guy
A bustling Milehouse hut with new faces and super keen attitudes led to me taking Guy and Ali to the Loch Avon basin in search of Afterthough Arete. At an amenable grade of Moderate I thought we'd be over, up and back in time for tea. If only I knew what was in store. Having seen Ali climb at the wall, I was sure she would be able to cope with the basic scrambling that would be involved. Guy, who I had been out with before, was completely capable. Reaching the top of Coire Domhain around 3pm, I found out that Ali's only previous foray into the outdoors was a saunter up Cairngorm the week before. This explained the troubled pace to present. Following much encouragement all round we reached the bottom of the climb with the intention of scooting up and out of the remote basin. However, what ensued was a swifty abseil  by torchlight into Y-shaped gully and a surprisingly safe walk out in the dark. Well done to Guy for sticking with us and to Ali for keeping her cool.

Guy on classic arete style exposure

Joining myself and Guy the next morning was Stephanie and Alper for an initially miserable, but ultimately enjoyable ascent of the uber-classic, Fingers Ridge. Myself and Guy managed to find the correct line (Diff), with Stephi and Alper accidently wandering up the direct start (VS) which was apparently a tad troublesome in the wet. Despite the weather clearing up and resulting in one the sunniest top-outs i've had, didn't stop me moving right at the final wall and having a super scary pump-fest attempting to get my size 10 mountain boots into turf filled cracks. Still, a lovely day out! 

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