Sunday, 22 January 2012

Fiacaill Couloir & HC2 - The return

Two days later and I can't sit still. Having had to use up 7 days of spare holiday at the start of Jan, I was keen to get out and desperate not to spend it watching TV.

This time with Calum (with Nik and Steve in the car too) another early start over to Dundee to collect the guys then back to the 'fat man's corrie'.

A little windier than two days previous, myself and Calum headed for Fiacaill Couloir in hope of finding some shelter.

Shelter twas not to be found and after one pitch of not-quite-consolidated snow and questionable turf I made belay and brought Calum up. During the pitch my goggles had fallen off and frozen up, so my eyes were bleeding from the spindrift that was coming from all directions. Fed up already we descended and headed over to Mess of Pottage.

False smiles
Having done Hidden Chimney two days previous with James i'd found the initial pitch a little disappointing. Also, James wasn't sure of the length and had belayed about 4m short of the top of the route. So, I was keen to go back to lead the chimney pitch and show Calum what an enjoyable (if short) route it was.

Folks in Jacobs Ladder

The team in front taking a variation

A fine team!

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